Netizen, nagbahagi ng karanasan tungkol sa bagong modus sa ‘parcel delivery’

Isang netizen ang nagbahagi ng kanyang karanasan sa isang modus na nagpapanggap na parcel delivery.

Sa Facebook post ni Rogelio Almocera Casa, idinetalye niya ang kanyang babala sa publiko hinggil sa nasabing modus.

Nakatanggap umano siya ng text na nagsasabing ready for delivery na ang kanyang parcel.

“There’s a new modus circulating nowadays wherein you will receive a certain text message telling you that your parcel is ready for delivery. I received this message last friday, and i hope that everyone who reads this post will learn from this encounter. I never became their victim, and so I am posting this for awareness. For easy understanding, captions are provided in each picture. Don’t be a victim. Phishing and Pharming is real!”

Wala naman umano siyang hinihintay na delivery dahil hindi rin naman siya mahilig sa mga shopping delivery apps.

“I am surprised because I was not really expecting for any deliveries. I am not a fan of any shopping delivery apps for the record. I already have the hint that this might be a sort of some modus yet I still clicked the link. Why not?”

“And there you have the drama that the parcel “was held at the depot”…really something fishy going on.

“This is funny. If you want to know if it’s legit or not, might be healthy to choose either cash on delivery or receive the item at the collection point.”

“But unfortunately, a prompt would tell you this so you are left with NO CHOICE but to choose a delivery option. D ba ginagawa lang tayong engot?”

“Ok you can also choose either. Pretty seems legit up to this point. But please take note of the website above. Creepy.

“Ok so anyone can be fooled here from this point should you decide to enter your shipping information”

“This is where you can be fooled from this point as you enter your information. Again, take note of the website above. It’s as if you are being led to another website. Ang jejemon pa kainis!

“So i also made fun of them. I tried to enter some false and fictional charot charot details just to test wherever this will lead me.

“And now this is the moment of truth. This is the step where they will get all your credit card details if you voluntarily give it to them. Effortless getting your money, isn’t it, after making you believe that you have a parcel waiting for you.”

“Again, i entered some fictional details. After this transaction, usually an OTP will be asked from you after the bank sends you either a text message or an email containing OTP just to confirm if this was really you making the transaction.

“But in this case, it won’t matter anymore for as long as they got your credit card details already.

“And once they got your details, you will then be surprised to have transactions without your knowledge.

“This is what they call phishing and pharming. Beware!

“I asked the Philippine Postal Corporation and they have no legit transactions like this. Again, look at the website.

“This should serve as a lesson to everyone. Maging mapanuri!”

Bisitahin dito ang nasabing post.

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