Larawan ni Korina Sanchez na tila nagpapa-dialysis, umani ng reaksiyon ng netizens

Usap-usapan ngayon sa social media ang mga larawan ni Korina Sanchez habang nakasalang sa tila dialysis machine.

Sa mga larawan na ipinost ng batikang brodkaster sa kanyang Facebook at Instagram account, makikita ang pagsailalim niya sa isang medical procedure na may kinalaman sa dugo.

Ayon sa caption ng post:

“Relax. Am not sick. On the contrary, Ayoko ngang magkasakit. The latest? The EBOO machine cleans, sanitizes, oxygenates and ozonates your blood in less than an hour! Was so excited to do it and FINALLY!

“You actually get to see the toxins separated from your blood: heavy metals, cholesterol deposits, alcohol, chemicals and even bacteria and viruses. Perfect for those who drink alcohol a lot, high cholesterol, exposed to chemicals, heart problems, even HIV/AIDS.

But best for me is to clean NOW and regularly so it doesn’t have to come to illness!”

 Agad umani ng samu’t saring reaksiyon ang nasabing post.

Narito ang ilang komento ng netizens.

Do your kidneys work? Because if they do, they’re doing all that for you. And you’re exposing yourself to a ton of other risks for no benefit. Most of what you are saying is either plain inaccurate (dialysis doesn’t take HIV out of the blood), or drastically misunderstood. But hey, waste your money and put yourself at risk if you want. It’s your body.”

“What kind of doctor would subject a healthy person to do this.. 🙄”

“That’s the job of the liver and kidneys and much better than the machine.”

“Dialysis for the healthy puts you at risk for illness like infection and adverse reactions to treatments. Kung gumagana ang kidney bakit ka magpapa dialysis.”

“That procedure doesn’t seem to be approved by the FDA in the US. Not that I can afford it lol, but I’d wait for more research and studies before I mess with this.”

Maging sa Twitter ay umani ng iba’t ibang reaksiyon ang nasabing mga larawan ni Korina.

Para sa ilang netizens, tila hindi tama na i-promote bilang ‘beauty treatment’ ang dialysis para sa mga taong ‘healthy’ naman at walang sakit.

Narito ang ilan sa kanilang mga tweets.

Bisitahin dito ang original post ni Korina.

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