Pia Wurtzbach, ‘kinuyog’ ng mga Vietnamese pageant fans

Mas maraming pageant fans sa Vietnam kesa sa Pilipinas?  #MissUniverse

Ito ang naging reaksiyon ni Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach nang makuha ng pambato ng Vietnam ang highest fan votes sa Miss Universe 2020.

Ang may pinakamataas na puntos kasi mula sa online voting ay siguradong makakakuha ng isang slot sa Top 21 ng kompetisyon.

Hindi man nakuha ng pambato natin na si Rabiya Mateo ang highest fan votes, nakapasok pa rin ito sa Top 21.

Dahil sa tweet na ito ni Pia, tila hindi natuwa ang maraming fans ni Miss Vietnam.

Ilan sa kanila ang agad na nag-reply sa nasabing tweet.

Narito ang ilan sa kanilang mga naging sagot (published as is).

“On behalf of Vietnamese who tried our best to vote for our representative, we believe that you – the most accidental Miss Universe ever,could understand English very well. Olivia said: “…largEST vote in history…”, this is superlative and the answer for your question as ưell!”

“Stop asking like that Pia. Vietnam has less pageant fans than Philippines but we have the solidarity, we call for help everywhere and finally we won the voting. Oliva announced we have the most votes ever in Miss Universe history so our votes were much higher than yours”

“MC said that:” This is the highest number of vote in Miss Universe history.” Was you watching this moment? And if @ MU 2015 said it, i think you would think the MU that the contest you won in past have problem?”

“No need to be a fan of beauty, but we have patriotism as long as we are Vietnam, our people can do everything, hope your statements will be more thoughtful in the future”

Agad ding nilinaw ni Pia ang kanyang intensiyon sa nasabing tweet.

Woah! Woke up to so many angry fans from Vietnam! I think some of you misunderstood my tweet last night! 🙏🏻❤ I didn’t mean any harm by it at all! #MissUniverse #MissUniverseVietnam

For years I was told (and I believed) that the Philippines had the most pageant fans in the world. But yesterday Vietnam   got the highest votes in history! Which meant I was wrong. Which surprised me! Thats it!! Thats all I meant by my tweet! 🙏🏻

I wasn’t being sarcastic or questioning your win at all! Hope this clears it up Folded hands Congratulations Vietnam for the highest votes in Miss Universe history! #MissUniverse #MissUniverseVietnam

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