Geneva, rumesbak sa netizen na tumawag sa kanya na ‘pakawala’ at ‘laos’

Hindi pinalampas ni Geneva Cruz ang negatibong komento ng isang ntizen sa mga larawan na ibinahagi niya sa kanyang social media accounts.

PHOTO: Instagram | Geneva Cruz

Tinawag kasi siyang ‘pakawala’ at ‘laos’ ng nasabing netizen.

“If you are going to be super mean and mayabang on my social media accounts, it is my right to expose you. I’m not afraid of any one of you.

“If you are respectful and mabait you will be treated the same way by me. This is my page, if you are irritated with my posts, you may unfollow. Thanks everyone! Love and Light.”

PHOTO: Instagram | Geneva Cruz

“I want everyone to know that we have the right not to be bullied because no one deserves that.

“NOBODY DESERVES TO BE BELITTLED BY PEOPLE who feel badly about themselves that they have to also drag us down with them by insulting us.

“Do not just get hurt and cry; I’m not saying hurt them back; stand your ground and remember WHO YOU ARE.

“Just because celebrities kami at public property may right ang ibang tao na maliitin kami. Hindi lahat ng naka bikini ay pakawala.

“Ignorante na pangit pa ang ugali. Lalaki pa naman.”

Ibinahagi rin niya sa kanyang Instagram ang screenshot ng nasabing comment at ang naging reply niya rito.

Sa post kung saan nagkomento ang nasabing basher, nagpaalala rin si Geneva tungkol sa body shaming.

“Don’t be fooled by what you all see on social media. No mommy who has given birth has perfect skin or body while pregnant and after giving birth. My stomach, thighs, and abdomen are not as tight as it used to be, but it is stronger and more beautiful because of what it has been through. The #tigerstripes, #looseskin, #lineanegra, and #cellulite go hand-in-hand with pregnancy, but I wouldn’t be who I am today if not for those warrior marks. This is why moms in all shapes and sizes should support, not bash one another because we all fought the same fights while carrying our most precious gifts from God: our children.

“Oh, and by the way, before one of you starts bashing me again, I would just like to say this…

“People should stop looking at bodies as just representations of sex and being dirty; look at it on a deeper scale. I love and respect my body not only because I’m happy with mine, but because of its strength and uniqueness.”

“And to those other women (most especially men) who make fun of women whose bodies have drastically changed because of pregnancy… shame on you. All of you are just a bunch of bullies. A woman needs only to be herself to be acceptable and lovable.

“A woman does not need to buy a thing to improve or change their irreplaceable, beautiful selves. Our scars, rolls, bones, pigmentations, big or small breasts, stretch marks, and wrinkles all tell a story — our own, unique stories. 

“When everyone goes to sleep, we are stuck with ourselves. Let’s learn to love ourselves fully and deeply.”

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